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Guiding Principles

We Begin and End with Rigorous Demographic and Financial Analysis


We conduct a comprehensive demographic and financial analysis of every proposed investment and maintain a rigorous and disciplined approach throughout every consummated transaction. In this way we can ensure high quality products and risk adjusted returns to investors.


We Emphasize Teamwork

We understand that effective collaboration and seamless teamwork, both internally and with our partners, are critical for success in today’s global arena. Teamwork is based on mutual support & respect as well as a system of checks-and-balances that contributes to continuous improvement and success.

We Are Systematic and Thorough

EPG has developed a unique system of master time scheduling and forward- looking milestone monitoring, including standardized reports at predetermined intervals to ensure project progress according to schedule, as well as standardized operation manuals and benchmarking procedures tested over a number of successful projects.

We Encourage Personal Development


We encourage each and every team member to realize his or her full potential, personally and professionally.  We also support our team members in their individual pursuits to acquire additional education, both formally and in the field.

We Believe in Giving Back

We are committed to making a difference in the communities where we operate. We create top-quality projects that contribute to the development of the neighborhoods, economies, and communities where we invest.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

We are convinced that detail and precision in our work today leads to future success -- for cooperation partners, investors, and employees. We provide partners with a toolbox of state-of-the-art project controlling and monitoring procedures, ensuring that potential snags can be predicted and prevented. This enables efficient and effective progress throughout the life span of a project

We Are Committed to Quality


It is our intention to adhere to the highest market benchmarks in all areas, from corporate governance and reporting to market research and investment analysis, and to ensure transparency for our investors.

We Prioritize Communication

We believe in constant and transparent information flow, so that our partners are fully informed about all aspects of our business and that all information is easily accessible.